Ocean Wave 2012

CATCH THE WAVE! The Ocean Wave project comes to the Eastern Suburbs of Wellington.
September 15 6.30 pm ASB Sports Centre 72 Kemp St Kilbirnie.
TICKETEK 0800 4 TICKETEK www.ticketek.co.nz More ticket info below.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Lung Tree Project November 24 3-4 pm Carrara Park, Newtown - Off Daniell Street or Regent Street.
More information http://bipeds1.blogspot.co.nz/ Free admission. Rain Day Dec 1

A 21st Birthday Celebration for the trees.
A Collaboration between Bipeds Productions, Java Dance Co, Muted Crane, The Troubles, Wellington Circus Trust Junior Troupe, Parkour Wellington, DANZ, WCC including the Mural Project, Newtown Festival, Neighbours and Community members.

Choreographer Lyne Pringle has lived beside Carrara Park for more than 20 years, she has seen it transform from an industrial zone into the vibrant community park it is today.
This occasion will invite the community surrounding the park to contemplate the role that the trees have in their lives and to celebrate how green spaces in the urban environment enhance our sense of well-being.  It will follow on from her highly successful Ocean Wave project in the Eastern suburbs in 2012.

It will be an enriching and heartfelt experience that will help to build an effervescent, resilient and sustainable community in Newtown.