Ocean Wave 2012

CATCH THE WAVE! The Ocean Wave project comes to the Eastern Suburbs of Wellington.
September 15 6.30 pm ASB Sports Centre 72 Kemp St Kilbirnie.
TICKETEK 0800 4 TICKETEK www.ticketek.co.nz More ticket info below.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Mind Mapping and Key Players

Possible titles ...... St Kilda St Clair - Celebrating our community through music and dance!
Catch the Wave - St Kilda St Clair!
The challenge - making a piece of community theatre about these beaches as opposed to simply going there?
The event needs to point to the sublimeness of nature and add something to it? A gnarly puzzle.
Contacts made - clubs, groups, people - the community
St Clair Surf Club 100 annivesary April 8 - 10th.
Barbara Newton passionate ocean person and local historian Our St Clair a residents history,
Nic Reeves awesome surfing photographer, surfer, environmental activist extraordinaire http://www.phoam.blogspot.com/
Two young scientists from the Departement of Science and Communication at Otago Uni - making a film about the shark nets - one a possible standup comedy act - interesting fact - you are more likely to die from instant combustion of your underwear than a shark attack!
Resident's oral histories - the people who go to the beach everyday and the people who live beside the ocean - wonder how they feel after the tsunami events in Japan these last few days.
St Kilda Brass band - possible concert in the King's and Queen's auditorium - ocean music for brass.
The story of St Kilda Brass begins in 1901.
Listening to Herbie Hancocks Maiden Voyage and Debussy's La Mer.
The surfing community ceaseless dancers on the waves - an enormous group of people in constant motion - Who are they? What makes them tick? Why do they do it?
And many more!!! Watch this space.

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