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September 15 6.30 pm ASB Sports Centre 72 Kemp St Kilbirnie.
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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Surfers, Footprints, Walking Patterns, Loving Forbury School - casting a big net at this stage

I am spending a lot of time watching surfers - it is extremely rare to not have a surfer somewhere on these beaches - local surfer and ex contemporary dancer Steev Peyroux agrees it is a kind of communion and definitely a dance. 

Thinking alot about wonder and awe - this is why I am enjoying the work with the children at Forbury School - so many great characters and fantastic teachers - a thriving and caring community.
"A cosmic sense - that human beings need to take in, reshape and give out in some altered form their perception of the natural world, the cosmos". Margaret Mead
We make waves together when we are not dancing to the beach boys and they are patient with me when I get out of my depth.

Contemplating the idea of simple walking patterns - one method of engagement with the environment.
Bipedal footprints in the sand - fleeting.
Carbon footprint - indeterminate time frame.

And of course the Tsunami resonates as does the CHCH earthquake which happened on my first day at the school.

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